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Multiplier events


On February 8, Grobiņa Adult Education Center (PIC) gathered representatives of various fields at the conference “I. We.Society” to talk about the project PIC implemented.

The conference was opened by the moderator and public participation expert Vilis Bruveris, who managed to unite the attendees, make them smile, and inspire them to continue working and be active. Participants talked about change and how each person perceives change. Change can be perceived as a threat or seen as new opportunities.

The visitors of the event had the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the digital programs of the Erasmus+ program project "I.We.Society". There are 6 digital programs designed to support various life situations - "When a child enters a new family", "When immigrants choose to return to their homeland", "When people choose to retire", "When people have various disabilities", "When a person is temporarily unemployed", and “When a person is a small business owner and entrepreneur”. Each visitor had previously chosen a topic of interest to him, familiarized himself with the content of the programs and gave his assessment.

After a delicious coffee break, the audience of the event worked in groups and invested their knowledge and creative thinking in the development of lifelong learning and adult education in Dienvidkurzeme region. The groups worked on ideas on such topics as needs, challenges, cooperation, support of the municipality and a vision for the development of lifelong learning in the county.

In general, we got a lot of good ideas and suggestions on how to build adult education, and we will apply the findings in the strategy creation process. Thanks to all participants of the conference for their hard work!


Screenshot 2023-03-04 210140.png

In order to present the project to different communities inside the country Croatia, four different meetings were organized.
The IGOR has organized a Multiplier Events on four (4) locations with great audience success and impact.
78 people attended the events (all eligible). Educational institutions, high schools and university were chosen as the venues for the events. They were chosen because they are institutions that meet all target groups and stakeholders interested in this project through their activities. All attendees received the dissemination materials.
The event finished with an invitation to a reception, as thanks for assistance.

During the event the I.We.Society project was introduced (partners, target groups, activities, project results, intellectual outputs, impacts) and described in detail, giving specific examples of the online learning material on the I.We.Society online platform. Overall, it was an appreciated event that generated interesting and intense discussions on various aspects of digital courses and online learning for unemployed people and members of other targets groups of I.We.Society project.
The dissemination event was attended by a different profile of attendees: adult educators, representatives from NGOs, representatives of students association Puma, companies and entrepreneurs (Nina Alvir, Prvča, OPG, and others), school teachers from three different high schools, university professors from Faculty of Tourism and Rural development, young unemployed, interested adults to participate in lifelong learning, and other interested
representatives of all project target groups (not working young mothers, people with disabilities, retired people, re-immigrants, small business owners).

The events generated interesting and intense discussions. The emphasis was on different aspects of socialization and lifelong learning process of all representatives of project target groups.
Finally, participants expressed that they are keen to access on I.We.Society learning platform and use finalized 6 digital courses for further use in their associated organisations.


Ecocenter Foundation had two multiplier events on the 18th of February. One event was held in Budapest, the other one was in Bicske. The main aim of the events were disseminating project results and providing printed promotional materials to the public.


Ljudska Univerza, Zavod Za Izobrazevanje In Kulturo, Rogaska Slatina (LURS) had two multiplier events - 22nd and 24th of February.


Eurosuccess Consulting had multiplier event on February 23rd.

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